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Group Rides

Come Ride With Us!

Come ride with us, meet cool people and get to know some of the amazing places to ride in the Bay Area!
We host FREE mountain bike and road rides every Wednesday, and Road rides most Saturdays.

  • Click in the "route/skill level" field below to preview the route, mileage, elevation, etc.
  • Click the "location/parking" field for google maps links to the meeting points.
  • Click in the "sign-up" field to sign up.
    • NOTE: We use Strava for sign-ups so everyone can see who's coming. Simply download the app and join the First Mile Club
  • Come prepared with proper gear including a bike in working order, helmet and water.  
    • If you need any gear just let us know,  we've got everything you need in stock.
  • Roll time is roll time!  Please arrive fifteen minutes before the posted time.
  • We limit group size to six in Joaquin Miller Park, so sign up early for those!
  • Save time at the ride: e-sign the waiver

Upcoming Rides

Wednesday 4/17/24 | 5:30pmBriones - Advanced MTBBear Creek Staging Area1.5 hr. Ride + Happy HourStrava Sign-up
Thursday 4/18/24 | 5:30pm
Thirsty Thursday Gravel - Advanced 
Canyon Club Brewery
2.0 hrs.
Strava Sign-up

Ability Level Descriptions


- Beginning to work on:
- body position
- shifting
- braking

- climbing up to 300'

- Comfortable riding trails like:
- neighborhood

- Lafayette/Moraga Trail


- Comfortable with:
- body position
- shifting
- braking
- roots and rocks

- climbing up to 1000'

- Comfortable riding trails like:
- Thorn Alley at Lime Ridge
- Big Trees at Joaquin Miller Park


- Adept at:
- body position
- shifting
- braking
- technical, steep terrain

- climbing up to 1500' and more

- Comfortable riding trails like:
- Cinderella at Joaquin Miller Park
- Cave Trail at Rockville

Ride Descriptions


Lime Ridge

Open space right outside Walnut Creek on the way to Clayton. Beautiful views with moderate climbs and flowy descents.Trails and features for everyone from beginners to experts.

Our standard loop starts on Thorn Alley, then goes up to Middle Trail, then we go play in the quarry, and wrap up with a fire road climb to the Back Nine descent.


- 7.2m / 1,400' / 1.5 hrs.



Joaquin Miller Park

Beautiful Redwood trails in the Oakland hills with smooth double track for beginners and steep flowy tech for shredders.

Our standard route starts at the Ranger Station parking lot, climbs up to Skyline via the Sequoia Bayview Trail, then descends Big Trees, Chaparral and Cinderella. Tons of other variations too!


- 7.5 m / 1,100' / 1.5 hrs

*We recommend parking in one of the lots vs on the street to avoid the chance of a break-in.



As the name suggests, this place is techy!  We recommend Rockville for intermediate to advanced riders.  A hub and spoke trail system about half an hour from Lafayette, Rockville is a key park to get to know if you live in the East Bay.

We like to start with Tilly's, then Rock Garden, the Mystics to Cascade (if you're feeling brave), and finish with Cave to Quarry.


- 7.8m / 1,400' / 1.5 hrs.

*Note there is a $3 day use fee you can pay at the gate, and E-Bikes are not allowed at Rockville.



Fire roads and flow trails with great views of the Delta.  This is a great place to work on your fitness and flow, and a great spot for E-Bikes.

Our route typically climbs up from the parking lot, then descends Soaring Eagle and Tree Frog.  


- 11.7 m, 1800'.



Pinehurst Loop

We're so lucky to have the redwoods right outside our back door.  This favorite ride climbs and descends switchbacks through redwoods and backroads.


- 21m / 1,700' / ~1 3/4 hrs.



Grizzly Peak

This ride takes you from Lafayette to the redwoods on Pinehurst, then rolls north on Skyline Ridge offering some of the Bay Area's best views. The descent down Wildcat Canyon is suuuper fun, and worth every bit of climbing.


- 31.39m / 2,445' / ~2 hrs


Three Bears

An East Bay classic, Three Bears takes you around the northside of Briones. This is a key ride to have under your belt as a baseline for other rides in the area.

*The version of this loop shown here starts and ends in Moraga.  On our group rides, we'll start and end at the shop which cuts off a few miles.


- 33m / 2,800' / ~2 1/4 hrs


Mt. Diablo

At 3,849', Mt. Diablo is the tallest peak in the Bay Area. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Sierra!  

This route goes up from the Nortgate and exits via the south gate. It starts and ends in Moraga, but we've listed parking details below at the Olympic Staging Area in Lafayette.


- 54m / 5,050' / ~4hrs.