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Enhanced Commencal Delivery Timing

We can get you these bikes this Fall, even when dates push into 2022 on the Commencal Website! Plus, you only need to pay a 25% deposit versus the full amount up front. Click each bike to learn more, and call to order yours today!

Commencal Absolut
NOTE: WE'LL HAVE THIS BIKE IN OUR SHOWROOM AND ALLOCATION AVAILABLE IN NOVEMBER. CALL TO PREBOOK THIS OR ANY OTHER MODEL! We’d prefer to see our teenagers spend their weekends on a bike rather than on a console or in a shopping mall. And for us big kids, it's exactly the same! On pump tracks that seem to be popping up everywhere, on jump lines, in the street or skate park, the ABSOLUT is an ideal bike for maximum fun and progressing until nightfall. Paul COUDERC does not disagree. He pushed himself and this bike to its limits by participating in the ultimate slopestyle competition, RED BULL Joyride in WHISTLER, Canada. He showed us that the bike can endure everything, including the biggest jumps and gnarliest crashes. A few days later in My War, Paul stomps a World’s First, a never done before trick! Okay, now we’ve watched the videos, let's play!
Commencal Meta HT AM Ride Maxxis
NOTE: WE'LL HAVE THIS BIKE IN OUR SHOWROOM AND ALLOCATION AVAILABLE IN NOVEMBER '21. CALL TO PREBOOK THIS OR ANY OTHER MODEL! New META HT AM: Lower profile to get higher! The META HT AM continues on its own path. Our research shows that it is the most versatile bike across our entire range. Trail rides, urban playgrounds, pump track - it's at home anywhere. We believed in this niche several years ago and have been refining our craft since then. To stay ahead of the curve, we're looking at the little details that make all the difference. On this new version, the seat tube is lower and straighter. -It is now possible to run a longer travel dropper post. -Choice of size is no longer restricted by standover height. This is particularly useful for those who want a longer bike. For the rest, we've tweaked our formula. -6061 T6 aluminum frame creates a simpler, more efficient platform. Less stuff to break = less frowns. -A longer travel fork (150mm or 160mm travel, depending upon model) provides comfort and stability for when things get interesting. The Meta HT AM fits 27.5” or 29” wheels. An only bike for some, a second or third bike for others, the META HT AM is one of those bikes that simply makes you want to ride.
Commencal Meta TR 29 Essential Gun Metal
NOTE: WE WILL HAVE THIS BIKE IN OUR SHOWROOM AND ALLOCATION AVAILABLE IN NOVEMBER 2021. CALL TO PREBOOK THIS OR ANY OTHER MODEL! New META TR 29: The best of both worlds! Whilst collecting a number of awards in the press ('Best Trail Bike under $3,000' from Pinkbike and 'Trail Bike of the Year' from MBUK), the META TR 29 is now taking things a step further. How do you make a high-performance-uphill bike whilst keeping the COMMENCAL DNA when it's time to go down the hill? This is the challenge that we set our engineers. And the results are amazing! Thanks to 29-inch wheels, kinematics that make the bike even more dynamic and a straighter seat tube angle with reduced offset, the META TR 29 is formidable through any pedalling sections. As soon as you get to the top and you've hurried to take that inevitable selfie, you'll be ready to take on the most daunting trails. The 140mm rear travel and 150mm or 160mm fork up front will give you that extra confidence which will make all the difference when things get tough. In September 2020, Pinkbike journalist Mike Kazimer described the META TR 29 as, ''One of the most fun bikes that I've ridden this year". The stiffness of the frame is always the subject of much attention. The use of double-row Enduro Bearings allows a more homogeneous deformation of the frame without the loss of stiffness via the bearings. Aesthetically, the frame has evolved in depth. It's very simple, everything is new! Notably, the sharper lines highlight improved performance. Equipped with super tyres and brakes, the new META TR 29 is certainly not just a more comfortable XC bike but rather clearly, a 'mini-enduro' which pushes the standards of agility and dynamism even further. About the META TR 29 ESSENTIAL No compromises have been made with this META TR 29 ESSENTIAL in 'Gun Metal'. The FOX 36 Performance Grip fork is ultra-efficient. Plus, the FOX Float DPS LV shock puts emphasis on liveliness and performance. The 12-speed transmission and brakes are provided by SHIMANO with the SLX model which is known for its reliability, power and low maintenance qualities. In the spirit of reliability, the DT SWISS M502 rims are also an ideal match here. All these components make this META TR 29 a formidable trail, all-mountain and enduro weapon.
Commencal Meta Power TR Race
NOTE WE WILL HAVE THIS BIKE IN OUR SHOWROOM AND LIMITED ALLOCATIONS AVAILABLE BETWEEN NOVEMBER '21 AND APRIL '22. CALL TO PREBOOK THIS OR ANY OTHER MODEL! New META POWER TR - POWER to the TRAIL Super Trail, Pure Trail Bike, Trail Centres, TR, Trail… We certainly use the word in many contexts! Here is our META POWER TR. Quite simply our version of what Trail means; up, down, jump, play and repeat, again and again. This is the lively, responsive and impulsive POWER that we wanted! It’s the perfect bike to get the most fun out of on the majority of trails around the world! With 150mm travel on the front and 140mm on the back, it's made for those who believe that having a playful bike whatever the terrain is the most important thing! Like all new generations of META POWER, the META POWER TR is equipped with the latest Shimano engine, the EP8. It’s quieter, more powerful and more energy efficient. And when we talk about the new Shimano EP8, we mean a new 630Wh battery too. For an all-day adventure or just a few laps at your local trail centre, whatever you please. This META POWER TR has been designed to be very different to the META POWER. For example, the geometry has been specifically worked upon for the intended use of the bike. The seat tube angle (77.5°) and the head tube angle (64.5°) are relatively straight for optimal pedalling position when tackling the most technical climbs. A new kinematic has been calculated for this one. It’s built around the "Contact System 4bar Linkage," which is a system designed to bring both more dynamism and efficiency to pedalling. In addition, two positions are available on the rocker extension thanks to the "flip chip" and are therefore easily modifiable. This change affects the height of the bottom bracket and the head tube and seat tube angles, therefore completely changing the behaviour of the bike. You then have the choice between a lively and reactive bike, or a stable bike optimized for the most demanding descents. Whatever position is chosen, the kinematics have been designed to enable excellent grip on small impacts and comfort during the suspension travel. As always, the finishing details have also occupied the time of our engineers. The engine mount has been designed to use one of the advantages of the EP8 - its reduced size. The engine guard has high impact resistance. It’s better integrated into the general line of the bike thanks to a right-side engine cover specific to META POWER. The charging plug is located on the engine mount for easy access. The new, more compact chain guide is also attached directly to the engine mount. Finally, the routing on the chain stays has been worked on to avoid friction with the frame paint. All of these details make the difference. In our offices in Andorra, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Chile, many staff have already decided to make the META POWER TR their bike for 2021! Let's give POWER to the TRAIL!
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